G1 V1.0 Temperature Data Logger

Plustrace G1 V1.0 Single-Use temperature data logger with automatic PDF Report

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Monitoring your cold chain – It’s easy with Plustrace-G1 temperature data loggers

Plustrace G1 data loggers were especially developed for monitoring temperature-sensitive products throughout the entire cold chain.

Automatic PDF  report

The automatically created PDF reports contain extensive information that you can use to assess the goods being monitored: data curve, statistical values such as MIN, MAX, AVG, MKT and every single measurement value shown in table form.

Your benefits from our temperature data loggers at a glance

15 Months  service life

Automatic PDF report

Up to 90 days’ recording time

2 alarm thresholds or  only temperature Recording

Backup log protection mechanism

Transparent recording of temperature fluctuations within a cold chain

Economical and reliable

Very small and light: can be inserted into virtually any packaging

Protective cover: waterproof and food-safe

No additional software required

Detailed analysis with chart and table

Secure and easy download of encrypted data files

LED lights show current status

Validation Certificate Included

The Plustrace G1 logger is preprogrammed and supplied in a standard configuration or advised by customer when placing one order

Running time of up to 90 days

2 alarm thresholds or without alarm thresholds

Password protection

Time zone

Alarm time delay (Can be programmed)

Start time delay (Can be programmed)

Technical Specifications:

Data logger type: Single-Use data logger
Temperature range: -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to 158°F)
Accuracy: ±0.5°C/0.9°F (-20°C/+40°C) otherwise ±1.0
Resolution: 0.1°C/°F
Storage capacity: 115200 measurements
Life/Battery: 18 months /CR2032 button cell battery
Measurement interval: 5 minutes (standard – other options on request)
Recording time: 90 days (standard – other options on request)
Startup method: Push start
Stop method: Push stop or automatic stop when plus into pc
Alarm type: Single or cumulative – Up to 5 points
Protection class: IPE67/NEMA 6
Dimensions: 76mm x 31mm x 4.5mm [L x W x H]
Weight: approx 14.6g
Certified: EN12830, CE, RoHS
Validation certificate: Printout and stored on logger
Automatic report: PDF  
PC connection: USB 2.0
Alarm configuration: 2 alarm thresholds or without alarm thresholds
Delivery contents: Dispatch documents, certificate 

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