GT1 Real Time Temperature Tracker

Single-Use Real-Time Data Logger for Temperature, Humidity, Light, Shock and Location 

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GT1 Real-Time Tracker  (Temperature, humidity and location)

Global Monitoring of all Data in Real Time

Provides PDF reports data download into a secure database via USB.
Ensures that no data gaps occur when the device travels through areas with no cellular coverage 


Technical Specifications:

Sensor types:

Battery Life:   7-90days,based on monitor and reporting intervals 
Temperature Range: ‘-30 to +70
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5 -10 ~ +60℃) ±2 other range
Humidity: 0 to 100%RH
Cellular: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Quadband GSM/GPRS
Sim: Internal embedded
Certificate: FCC, UL, Rohs, CE
Dimension: 110X60X40mm
Housing: Flame retardant plastic; safe for incident food contact

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