Why Plustrace?

To ensure the quality of our products,we have been working with accessory suppliers of high electronic component. They are as follows:

The Complete Production Management Quality Control System

In every link of the whole process we have a complete management system,through which we can understand your requirements,satisfy them by making a reasonable plan as well as optimizing your time and money.

Incoming Inspection
  • 1
  • Incoming Inspection
High technology
  • 2
  • High technology
Function test
  • 3
  • Function test
Customer know
  • 4
  • Customer know
Signed order
  • 5
  • Signed order
Product shipped
  • 6
  • Product shipped

Dependable solutions for demanding sectors


Medicines, vaccines and biolog...
Pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biologics, and other products from the life science industry, must be kept at op...


Logistics and transport
Transport of temperature-sensitive goods Logistics companies need transport temperature-sens...


All types or food products
Only continuously of the cold chain can guarantee that food products retain their high quality and optimum ...

News and Events

Plustrace will be attending Asia Fruit Logsitica HK Sep 5, 6, 7 2018 as exhibitor, and we welcome all custo...
If you cannot find your answer with your questions, please call or email us for assistance. ...

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  • Plustrace Technology co.,Ltd
  • Email: info@plustrace.com
  • Phone:+86  371 61317899
  • Cel:+86 156 1751 5536
  • Address: Jinshui Rd, free trade zone, zhengzhou,450046, Henan, PR china.
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GT1 Real Time Temperature
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G1 V2.0 Temperature Data Logger
G1 V1.0 Temperature Data Logger
I1 Temperature Indicator
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